I had a great run yesterday – full of hills, valleys, mountains, rocks, and all set over a three thousand year old backdrop.  The hills were majestic, the valleys expansive, and although I had to dodge a few unprepared locals, it was a phycially and spiritually refreshing moment.  Not my usual flat-yet-close-to-the-ocean-so-it’s-ok route; this was something special.

Yes, it’s my good fortune, as I write this blog for my NYC podiatry practice, to be in Jerusalem for a few days.  Sorry, no appointments today, just a few days off to enjoy the sights, recharge, and take in the sights, sounds, feel, and terrain of the city in the best way I know how – by running through it.

Vacations, it seems, are like an amusement park ride.  There is a long period of anticipation, followed by a fleeting great time, and afterwards one is left thrilled, shaken, and perhaps a tad nauseous.  But when I do get a vacation from my NYC podiatry office treating sprains, strains, heel pain, foot and ankle injuries, bunions and hammertoes, it’s nice to go somewhere exotic and enjoy a new run through an old place.  This is not my first trip here, so my routes are somewhat familiar, but the city is dynamic, and there is always something new to see, along with sights that have been here for millenia.  If you haven’t been here yet, put it on your list.  If you have, come back again.

One of my favorite runs ever was in 2006 in Rome.  Running through the Spanish Steps, past the Trevi Fountain, to the Forum, Coliseum, and St Peter’s Square was an exhilarating mode of transportation through an old city whose streets and – quite frankly- inhabitants are not quite prepared for or too cool about, silly American runners.  But, oh man, what a run.  Highly recommended.

From a terrain standpoint, Jerusalem is not the best running city.  It does, however, offer sights at every corner, and always feels like home.  I generally like to get out and explore any new city to which I travel.  And exploring a familiar city once again is just as special.  Once in a while, it’s great to shake up a run, find a new route, explore a new city.  No matter where we run, there is always new terrain, a different route, and something fresh to see.  Let’s get out there and start exploring.

See you in the office (next week).

Dr. Ernest L. Isaacson

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