The weather is getting cold here in the Bronx and that toe that is rubbing on your summer sandal isn’t looking to feel any more comfortable in your winter boot. Yes, the pesky hammertoe that rubs on shoes, ruins closets, and generally makes a mess out of otherwise perfectly good quality of life. To correct or not to correct, that is the question, and where.

As we have discussed, a hammertoe is a condition – largely congenital – in which any one or number of toes becomes bent, possibly painful and definitely annoying. The toe can be accommodated with bigger shoes and padding and this works great for a lot of people. But if the toe or the resultant skin build up on top of it is too annoying, it might be time to consider a small procedure to straighten, and I might add, improve the cosmetics of the toe.

This procedure can be done in the office safely, in a sterile environment, and painlessly, and I am happy to say I do just that about once a week in the Bronx or Manhattan.

There are many advantages to having this and other smaller procedures performed in the office:

  • A screen is conveniently placed to shield the eyes from anything too gory
  • The infection rate is comparable or better to that seen in a hospital or surgery center
  • Scheduling is a whole lot more convenient for patient and doctor, and can be done just about anytime
  • The cost savings can be significant
  • So kids, if you’re still waiting for a time and place to fix that which has been a bother since the Reagan administration, consider an easy in-office hammertoe procedure after which most patients walk immediately and transition back into a comfortable shoe from the post-operative shoe in 3-5 days. I’ll even let you choose the music – within reason…

If you have any questions about the hammertoe procedure or about any other foot or ankle concerns, call our office at 718-863-3338 or request an appointment online.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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