If not for the fact that global warming has officially taken hold, I would be dedicating this blog to running in winter weather – tips, quips and prevention.  With the temperature getting colder here in NYC, it seems reasonable to review the basics.

Get Out!

Yes, that means you.  I know it’s cold, and it’s so much easier to run on the treadmill, plus it’s a good chance to catch up on old Dancing with the Stars episodes, but then you would miss out on one of the treats of winter – the cold weather run.  It’s hard to find that extra motivation, but the winter months are long and dark, and it’s just too much time to go without running.  If it helps, I feel your pain.

Layers, baby!

Of course if we are talking cold, let’s talk warm.  And that means being prepared for being outside.  Expect to sweat, which means dressing for tempuratures about 20 degrees warmer than actual.  As your mom told you, layers are a good way to keep warm, and also make it easy to adjust to the temperature as the body warms up during a long run.  Cover the extremities- fingers, ears, face- and wear wool socks to keep the feet warm.

Light up the Night!

It’s dark out there, and early.  Remember to stay visible as it gets dark early.  There are fewer daylight hours available, especially now in NYC, and it’s important to remember to wear reflective clothing.

And as your mom also told you, watch out for slippery surfaces.  Ankle sprains, metatarsal fractures, broken ankles are all good for me, but not so good for my patients.

So baby it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t stop my NYC podiatry patients.  Be sensible and you can enjoy the crisp clean winter air and the quiet solitude that only a long winter run can bring.

See you in the office.

Dr. Ernest L. Isaacson

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