The majority of foot-related conditions respond to conservative treatment approaches, but there are some for which surgery is the best solution. Experienced podiatrist Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM PC, is an exceptionally well-qualified foot and ankle expert and podiatric surgeon, who, with his team, provides the highest quality services in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. If you need to have foot surgery, Dr. Isaacson leads the field with his knowledge and skills. Call today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

Foot Surgery Q & A

What is foot surgery?

Foot surgery is an option for certain foot conditions when there are no suitable alternatives. Sometimes, foot surgery might be the right choice from the beginning, but in most cases, Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM PC, can treat your foot and ankle problems with less invasive approaches.

When these approaches aren’t improving your condition, it might be time to consider the benefits of surgery. You may need:

  • Achilles tendon surgery
  • Arthritis surgery
  • Bunion surgery
  • Hammertoe surgery
  • Cyst surgery
  • Flatfoot correction
  • Heel surgery
  • Plantar fasciitis surgery
  • Metatarsal surgery
  • Nerve (neuroma) surgery
  • Toe surgery

Some of the specialized surgical techniques and technologies available at Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM PC, include the Subchondroplasty® (SCP®) procedure and PROstep™ minimally invasive surgical technique.

For what type of foot surgery is Subchondroplasty used?

Subchondroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a substance called AccuFill® Bone Substitute Material (BSM) to treat subchondral bone defects. BSM is an injectable form of calcium phosphate (CaP).

A subchondral bone defect or bone marrow lesion (BML) is a defect that only shows up on MRI scans. A BML might develop after you sustain a bone injury that fails to heal properly. Or a BML could be a consequence of stress because of overuse or weak joint mechanics.

Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM PC, performs the SCP using arthroscopic techniques wherever possible, although, in some cases, might need to take a more invasive approach.

For what type of foot surgery is PROstep used?

PROstep is a minimally invasive option for bunions and hammertoes.

Bunions are bony lumps that form on the side of your big toe, where they can press painfully into your shoes. They develop when the joint at the base of your big toe gets inflamed, which typically happens because of pressure from wearing shoes that push your big toe towards your other toes.

Hammertoes are toes that bend or curve, so they don’t line up with your other toes. Hammertoes occur most often in the middle toes and can develop when you have bunions. Surgery is often necessary for rigid hammertoes because they’re difficult to fix using other methods.

With PROstep, Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM PC, uses micro incisions and a burr to perform corrective surgery that causes significantly less damage to the surrounding tissues in your foot.

Other advantages of using the PROstep approach include:

  • Less pain
  • Smaller incision
  • Smaller scars
  • Less downtime

If you have foot problems, conservative treatment approaches can be highly effective, but there are times when surgery is the better option. If you need surgery on your foot, there’s no better place to have it than with the Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM PC, team. Call today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment using the online form.