Time to get a bit personal, so it’s a good thing this blog is just between me and my dear NYC podiatry patients. I did something a few weeks ago that I didn’t really expect or want to do. No, it’s not a dental cleaning, although that’s on the above list- I just haven’t worked up the courage yet. At the urging and behest of a maniacal and good friend, as well as a certain well-placed employee of the company, I did a Tough Mudder, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. So if muddy obstacle courses are not your thing, I’ll see you at the next blog.

For those brave souls still with me, obstacle courses are all the rage these days. There are many and I’m sure they are all great for the intrepid guys and gals who do them, but for now this particular brand is my thing.   Admittedly, I was a bit nervous going into the competition, after stupidly reading the internet buzz on the likelihood of serious injury or death, much like my NYC podiatry patients who mistakenly read the internet buzz watch online videos on foot surgery before undergoing a procedure (don’t). What I found at the competition is that it’s not a competition, just a series of challenges that we as a team were able to handle together. And it’s a blast- like being a kid again. Sloshing through the mud, climbing up walls, swinging into a pool, climbing the monkey bars, all while running a total of 10 miles throughout the course. The obstacles were a challenge, but nothing insurmountable, and the spirit of camaraderie that pervades the course ensures that everyone helps each other out, and since there is no time kept, we did the course until it was done. And after a last bit of electric shock (yes!) the course was over, and I was left with a few scratches, a lot of mud between my toes, and a feeling that I’m ready for the next set of challenges, literally and figuratively.

So this is my thing now, and everybody has their own thing. It’s the beginning of a new year in the Jewish calendar (who knew I was Jewish?). There’s plenty to be down about, and I’m no Tony Robbins, but maybe we all need to face something intimidating, step outside of our own comfort zone and grow. It’s not easy, but in the end, there is a proverbial headband and beer waiting on the other side. I’ll be in Liberty State Park on November 8th if you need me. Until then, I’ll…

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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