This is one of the most common questions I receive in my office, right after, “Why would you want to work on feet?” Frankly the first is a bit easier to answer, although my stock answer for the second is simple: because I love feet! And that generally shuts down the line of questioning entirely. But seriously, my dear Bronx and NYC podiatry patients, this is a burning (sometimes literally) question for many, and can be answered relatively simply.

Think we all know what a bunion is by now – that enlargement of bone on the side of the big toe joint accompanied by a curious deviation of the big toe toward the other toes. While the symptoms can be mitigated by the use of wider shoes, and admittedly for many people this is not a painful condition, the only definitive treatment for the condition is bunion surgery. And it’s important to know that the surgery in the majority of cases works, with minimal downtime and complications.

A few important points about bunion surgery:

  • In most cases it’s ok to delay the surgery until such time as it’s painful, or the time is right to undergo surgery. The condition doesn’t become inoperable, and procrastinating the procedure, unlike homework, doesn’t make the condition or treatment much worse.
  • The purpose of the surgery is to improve quality of life by alleviating the pain of the condition and improving function of the foot. So if a bunion is negatively affecting quality of life to the point that the quality of life would be improved without said bunion, then it’s time to give a bunionectomy serious consideration.
  • An overwhelming majority of bunionectomy patients, both in my practice and in published studies, are satisfied with the results and glad they underwent the surgery.
  • So my dear patients, now you know as much as I do. Take a look at your feet, or your partner’s feet, and give them some careful consideration. And while you’re down there take a look at your shoes too.

If you’re suffering from bunions or any other foot or ankle condition, be sure to contact our Bronx or Manhattan office to make an appointment.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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