For those who may not have anything better to read out there in the blogosphere or social media, we have been talking about the flat foot, its causes and treatments. Today, we conclude the series with additional treatments that, while a bit more aggressive, can be life altering in a very positive way. Sure you say, that’s all well and good, but I want to follow the presidential elections. Well, my young NYC podiatry friends, I have something far more useful and less irksome.

As we have previously discussed, flatfoot, while common, need not be treated unless it’s a problem. And like many other pleasantries in life, problems are defined by pain levels. In this case, we would try an orthotic, which can compensate for and relieve most cases of painful flatfoot. However, for those who continue to walk in pain and have failed conservative treatments, surgery is a very viable option. I’ll spare you the gory details, as I do those NYC podiatry patients who present for preoperative consultation. The procedures range from the simple insertion of an implant into a joint near the ankle, to a total reconstruction of parts of the foot. Recovery is based on the level of procedure, and the level of procedure is based on the level and placement of deformity. And there is not necessarily one procedure to correct all cases of flatfoot. Many different procedures exist and most are quite valid and can correct a wide variety of deformities. And at the end of the road to recovery, the outcomes are very positive.

So, kids, remember, if it’s not broke, well, don’t fix it. Most cases of flatfoot are not painful, and those that are can be treated very elegantly and simply with an orthotic. But this is not the economy, stupid, and that may indeed need some major reconstruction.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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