The leaves are falling here in NYC, the air is cool, it’s just after Thanksgivukkah, the NYC Marathon ran almost one month ago, and the days are short.  In other words, it’s time to get out and take advantage of the best running season of the year.

It’s really never a bad time to run, and as I tell my patients, and myself in my lazier moments, you never regret a run, you only regret not running.  (Yes, you can use that, and yes, please credit me).  But each season has its own special feel and motivating factors.

Summer is great for running in minimalist gear and the short shorts come out of deep freeze to liberate my pasty white, melanin challenged legs.  Spring brings the change in seasons and a chance to anticipate better weather while gradually shedding oppressive running gear in favor of the more revealing summer shirts.  Winter brings its own challenges, which is in itself an advantage.  My kids and my NYC podiatry patients know that I am fully prepared with winter gear, including my superman/ballet tights, a particular favorite of my children (Linda Blair’s eyes in the Exorcist didn’t roll as far back in her head as my kids do at the sight of me in tights).  But the fall is my particular favorite.  The falling leaves and the air that’s crisp and cool enough to run comfortably.

Some of my best and longest runs are in the fall, which is great to work off the extra holiday pounds.  And as always, my NYC podiatry patients know to stretch, change running shoes after 250-500 miles, and check in with your local NYC podiatrist to see if you need orthotics (yes, you really might).  So while the weather is still good, and before we endure another miserable NYC winter (paging Al Gore) get out there and enjoy this weather.  Doctor’s orders.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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