Memorial Day has come and gone and summer is officially here. It’s time to get out once again, and getting out means getting supported with orthotics.

How can custom orthotics help?

  • It’s an intuitive concept – shoes feel better with a custom foot bed. Whether your arches are very high, somewhat mid-range, or the flattest feet you think I’ve ever seen (everyone with flat feet thinks they have those), the wimpy piece of foam that passes for an insert is not going to keep those pups up for very long.
  • If you have a history of plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arch pain, knee pain or back pain, or you’re a bipedal human, as most of us are, orthotics will help. While there are some good studies that demonstrate the scientifically proven efficacy of these devices, I also have 15 years of experience and 2 of my own feet as a testament to the clouds of biomechanical magic that support my dear patients.
  • My runners, and you know who you are because I am one of you, will run better with orthotics, no matter how comfortable your shoes, and no matter how well you’re running now, for almost all of you. Of course if you’ve been running for the longest time and have your special mojo, I’m not going to mess with that, but I can almost guarantee a better run with a custom orthotic.
  • On a more serious note, if you’re diabetic, orthotics are not just an elective device for the shoes – they can be a literal limb and life saver. Diabetic foot horror stories start with the simple insults to the feet – tight shoes with minimal support, and orthotics can provide the cushioning and pressure relief that can prevent ulcers and disasters.

If you’re curious to see how custom orthotics can help or if you’re suffering from any other foot or ankle pain, be sure to call our Bronx podiatry office at 718-863-3338 or visit us online for an appointment today.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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