Summer’s over now kids, although if you’re like me summer is just winter with heat. Still, I do get a little pit in my stomach as Labor Day looms large on the calendar and the waning days of summer transform into the crisp breezes of autumn, and other lines from the introduction to Charlotte’s Web.  Anyway, that’s not quite what I’m here to discuss with my dear NYC podiatry patients. Today, in the annals of this hallowed and sometimes infrequent blog I wish to broach the sacred subject of…healing.

As a doctor I am keenly aware of the amazing human body and how much we know – and don’t know – about it. I’m also aware of the fact that – don’t tell anyone – most things heal, especially musculoskeletal disorders, and that healing will typically come from the inside. Whether it’s internal or externally induced trauma, infection, a congenital deformity, wound or just aches and pains, the body desires a level of stasis, balance, and even catharsis from the slings and arrows of life, work, play, and the doctors’ touch. We doctors do our best to make the most accurate diagnosis and formulate the very best treatment plan, and despite all that, I’m pleased to report that the body still heals. And even in the year 2019 when miracles happen on a daily basis that are so miraculous that they are not even amazing anymore, there remains a limited selection of treatment categories for any malady – medicine, surgery, physical manipulation of some sort, or forced rest.

When we consider the vast array of treatments that are thrust upon the human body, they generally fall into a few narrow categories. For instance, immunotherapy is essentially a type of medicine that arms the immune system and and the most novel surgical procedures are based on foundations laid centuries ago. So despite monumental advances, there is still a limited amount we can do to affect and aid the natural healing processes, and the best approach is usually to aid and support the body’s own mechanisms.

Anyway the point here is that anything that goes wrong in any way in the body is more often than not repaired, and that repair comes from the inside. We as doctors and patients need to be partners with the body in the fantastic and inspired healing process that keeps us going every day. And I for one am not standing in the way of that. So if you are dealing with any foot or ankle issues, call our NYC podiatry office and we’ll take a look.

See you in the office.

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