It’s not over yet, even though it seems to just evaporate away, doesn’t it. Like I tell my dear NYC and Bronx podiatry patients, at this point in my life summer is like winter with better weather and slightly less traffic – but only slightly.

Before it completely ends and the kids get out of your hair and the boss comes back from the Hamptons, here are a few tips for the summer:

  • Get out! Or stop complaining. It’s not that bad out there. The sun is shining, weather is alternatively brutally hot or just nice, but either way, find that inner kid in you and bask in the summer delight.
  • Walking is still good. Or running, or biking, or swimming, or sitting on a park bench. Either way, get the pulse racing and the juices flowing. It’s good for the heart, mind, body and soul.
  • Hydrate! Do I need to say it again?  Your mom was right on this one. Our thermoregulatory systems are even more sophisticated than your Apple Watch, as well as being predicated on a copious intake of sweet refreshing H2Oh man that’s good.
  • Lather on the sunscreen kids. We can debate the SPF 9000 industry that has turned us all into Vitamin D deficient vampires who are one cloudy day away from full blown rickets, however, as a pale rider with a family history of melanoma, I have to try and save my holy brothers and sisters.
  • The agony of de feet! So protect them. Don’t walk around barefoot on a glass strewn beach and think I’m just gonna go fishing for loose fragments, or sea urchin spines, or large splinters – and that was just over the past few weeks. Ok, I will and that’s part of the fun. In any case, be smart and sensible. Wear something comfortable and protective. And to my diabetics, I beseech, beg and implore you, wear a water shoe at the beach – or risk a surgical shoe in the office.

And if you or any of your loved ones are suffering from any foot or ankle pain, make an appointment online with our Bronx office or by calling us at 718-863-3338.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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