Well it’s come down to this.  After a whole year of saving lives one toe at a time, interacting and hopefully helping many very interesting and engaging patients, and writing this blog almost every week, the year is coming to a close.  Hope it’s been a good one for you, and hoping next year is even better.  Continuing the theme of previous years’ end of year blogs, let’s chat a bit.

There’s a lot of news out there in the world, and much of it is unfortunately not so great.  Wars, famine, disease, conflict, racial tension- yup it’s all still there.  A look back on this years’ top news items as well as the year in pictures is not so much fun.  And on top of it all, the economy seems like it’s still in the dumper, and most physicians such as myself are skeptical at best that the US healthcare system is going to improve on any level anytime soon.  However, let’s put all that aside, and accentuate the positive for the next few days.

First of all, if you’re reading this, not only are you alive, but you have sight, intelligence, good taste (if I do say so), and you probably live in America.  Not too shabby so far.  Perhaps you have a family, or just a network of good friends, or maybe the woman down the hall you stare at in a mildly creepy way.  Hopefully you have your health, or at least the majority of it, and the potential for happiness.  And we all have hope.  US healthcare costs are starting to plateau.  The rising rate of diabetes and obesity is finally stabilizing, as is the number of smokers in this country.  The economy is getting better, slowly.  Gas is cheap, although what’s with all the news articles about the devastating impact on oil states?  How about the rest of us, and $2.50 per gallon is still only relatively cheap.  Anyway, the point is we all have a chance to look at the totality of melancholy that is delivered to us on a daily basis through media channels, as well as the vicissitudes that seem to occupy our waking hours, and live in a ball of stress, or we can focus on the smiles, good deeds and sunshine that peaks through the clouds and reflect optimism and positive vibes to our circle of family, friends, and objects of infatuation.

So I’ll close this blog the way I’ve closed other years.  Let’s resolve this year to be happier, healthier, and take care of our bodies, feet, selves, friends, family, community, and planet.  And stop smoking – really.

See you in the office.  But not until next week. I’ll be away but I’ll tell you all about the trip next time you come in.

Ernest Isaacson

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