Not so fast, NYC Freudians, not that kind of therapy.  We are talking about something decidedly different.  Something that can relieve pain, improve range of motion, optimize gait, and change your life.  No it’s not orthotics, although that works too.  This week we are talking about physical therapy.

Many patients who stumble into my NYC podiatry office do so in pain, and at least a significant percentage leave with less pain.  However, some pain is slightly stubborn.  For the heel pain (or plantar fasciitis) that won’t go away, tendonitis that lingers, arthritis that is consistently painful, there is physical therapy, to reduce inflammation, improve range of motion, and decrease pain.  PT is also great for moving stiff joints after surgery.  We have discussed, in the hallowed halls of this blog, that it is critical to initiate range of motion exercises as soon as possible after foot surgery, such as bunion surgery or tendon repair.  Most patients are able to effectively mobilize a foot or ankle after surgery.  But for those who are unable to do so, due to pain or excessive stiffness, there is PT.  A competent physical therapist can move a stiff joint beyond its comfort zone, back to where the body needs to go.  And early range of motion is the key to a full recovery after foot and ankle surgery, and can make all the difference between a great post-surgical outcome, and one that needs a little help.

So where can one find such miraculous treatment?  Look no further than your friendly neighborhood NYC foot doc.  We are fortunate to have a highly skilled physical therapist in the office, with a full complement of equipment, who is adept at treating many foot and ankle conditions, as well as any other condition on any other body part that would benefit from PT.  And that’s a long list.

So if you are in pain, have a balance issue, are recovering from orthopedic surgery, have back pain, foot pain, ankle pain (seeing a pattern here?) don’t just complain to your spouse or local bartender.  Stop in and do something about it.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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