Well kids, summer is finally here. School is over, the weather is hot, fireflies are lighting up, and the feet are exposed. And that means it’s all out there – warts and all. In my NYC podiatry practice I like to think we treat them all pretty well, and now we do the warts even better.

Warts. Hate them?  Me too. Now that we are in agreement, I’m going to start hating them a little less with our state-of-the-art almost exclusive and cool new treatment option for the little buggers. As we’ve discussed before, warts are pesky little buggers, well viruses actually, (viruses? Virii?) that invade the skin layers by incorporating their nasty little DNA into our skin cells and then live as nasty and often painful thick skin lesions. Traditional treatments have focused on a scorched earth strategy of destroying the surrounding tissue, cutting the tissue out, or mounting an immune response to the virus by various methods. The former treatments are effective, but it is fairly self evident that the better treatments destroy more tissue, and are potentially more painful.

But now destroying warts is just so 2018. A new device called the Swift, now available at our NYC podiatry office, works by blasting the wart with microwave technology for 5 two-second pulses that are nearly painless, and I know this because I tried it on myself. Yes kids, I’m not just the president of Ernest L. Isaacson DPM PC, I’m also a client. More importantly there is absolutely no pain or open wounds after the treatment, and the cure rates are quite high – rivaling the other treatments. But wait there’s more- it even cooks burritos!  Ok maybe not but I haven’t tried it yet.

So this summer declare your independence from foot pain, warts, and frozen Mexican food. Make an appointment today. Do it for your feet, your warts and your country!

See you in the office.

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