Is it 2016 already? Seems like those Olympics really sneak up on us, what with the heat, humidity and hot air that permeates the summer and this particular election season. And with the Olympic feats and feets, comes Olympic size injury, starting with an open tibial fracture suffered by gymnast Samir Ait Said early in the competition.

To be sure, landing on and breaking a leg in a most grotesque and devastating fracture can be quite shocking to the audience, and no doubt more so to the injured. In this case, without offering too many gory details, the force of impact was transmitted through the leg, resulting in a fracture of the middle of the tibial shaft as it bent outwards in a rather unnatural fashion. This will certainly mean the end of his chances at this year’s Olympics. However, despite the sight and sound of the injury, in the long term it may not be as bad as it seems.

This is most definitely a surgical injury, however after some rehabilitation, time and maybe a bit of physical therapy, it will heal fully with minimal long-term consequence. Unlike an ankle fracture which may lead to arthritis due to the close proximity to the joint, or Achilles’ tendon ruptures that may not ever heal to the original integrity, mid shaft leg or thigh fractures heal remarkably well. It will take time, but like most other injuries, we need only restore the original anatomy, and with time, the body will do what it knows to do. And as has been reported, he will likely be ready for 2020.

So here’s to the Olympics in all it’s bug infested doping sweat, blood, tears and glory. Hoping that the worst looking injury is the only injury of the competition. And just for good measure, go team USA, or something like that.

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Ernest Isaacson

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