Honestly, I have no idea what any of that means.  But in my NYC podiatry practice there are many football fans, including those who root for the New York Giants (cue applause, if that’s your thing).  And for those fans, the reports of Victor Cruz’s heel injury in preseason practice may be big news.  And in even bigger news, let’s talk about heel injuries, and how they heal.

Patients in a NYC podiatry practice, and the readers of this blog are quite familiar with the most typical types of heel pain, including plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis.  Those conditions involve soft tissue structures that pass by, or insert into the heel bone, and commonly affect athletes, runners, and just about any other bipedal creatures.  But as a bony structure, the heel bone, or calcaneus, is also subject to walking forces and susceptible to trauma.  A hard impact on the heel bone, such as from landing hard in a New York Giants football game, can result in a contusion, or bone bruise, which is likely what Victor Cruz sustained.  Falling from a height, from more than eight feet or so can result in a fracture of the heel bone, a potentially devastating injury that may be accompanied by back, hip or knee injuries.  This is also known as lover’s heel, as in the kind of heel injury sustained after jumping out of the second floor window during a hasty escape…

Presuming Victor’s injury is just a bruise, which is easily confirmed by the use of MRI or CT scan, a few weeks of protected weight-bearing in a special boot, or no weight-bearing at all, should allow the injury to heel.  Some heel bone fractures can also be treated with limited or no weight-bearing, while others are more amenable to heel surgery.

So if you have sustained a heel injury in NFL football, jumping out of a window, or falling from a ladder while “fixing” your cable TV connection (based on true events), don’t wait until the football season to seek treatment, see your friendly neighborhood NYC podiatrist.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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