Well, the Olympics are over.  It sure was exciting.  All the skiing, and slaloming, and bobsledding, and skating, and all that.  No Olympic tobogganing yet – but my kids continue to dream.  The USA team did fairly well, maybe not as well as usual.  We are number 4 in medal count, which means if there was a medal for medal counts, we would have been edged out by Canada.  Oh, the horror.  At least we take solace in knowing that our 12 bronze medals are the most of any country.  Just remember Olympic athletes, you spent two weeks competing against the world, and now will go back to competing, as my NYC podiatry patients do, against yourselves, which is your toughest competition.

The Olympics, though I am a bit cynical, are a great display of the human form at its best.  And though the competition has had its high points, and some very low points over the years, it’s still a forum for the world to come together in a spirit of sportsmanship and competition and display the talents of the absolute best athletes in the world.  The level of training and drive that is required to compete is beyond belief, and for the athletes, it is a life changing experience.  A friend’s brother won a silver medal in Olympic canoeing a number of years ago, and he went from a mediocre student to the top of the class, and became a motivational speaker for other students.  Just being in a competition like that can be such a confidence boost that anything becomes possible.

And, yes my young NYC podiatry patients, there is a take home message.  Though we may not all be competing in the Olympics, we are competing with ourselves.  The challenge is my last race time, mileage, pace, and personal best.  It’s the hours spent in the gym, on the field, and whatever area of personal growth may need some attention.  We are all competing against ourselves, and unlike the Olympics, there are no ceremonies or categories for winners, just the achievement of becoming a bit better today than yesterday.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson

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